Lala Ink

Q01 Where did you grow up? I am from Tallahassee, Florida.
Q02 How was life growing up in Tallahassee? Life growing up was tough because I had to work to pay for my senior year memories and watch my niece while my sister worked.
Q03 How many photoshoots have you done? I have done 15 photoshoots.
Q04 Would you ever do music videos or reality TV? Yes, I would do music videos and even reality TV.
Q05 What is your great point? My great point would be my Determination.
Q06 Why are you great? I’m great because I have graduated to the next level from a rough childhood to exceeding and tackling what may come my way.
Q07 How do you deal with rejection? I look at rejection as a teaching lesson.
Q08 Do you have any other talents? My other skill is Networking with others.
Q09 When did you get your first tattoo? I got my first butterfly tattoo in 2019.
Q10 How was your first experience? My first experience was great, and I was ready to return for more tattoos.

Q11 What is the most ignorant thing someone has said about your tattoos? Someone has said about my tattoos that only people who have gone to jail have tattoos.
Q12 How many do you have? Seven.
Q13 What tattoos do you plan to get next? A lion and a butterfly vine.
Q15 How do you feel about society telling people they should not get tattoos? It does not concern them, and it’s not on their body to mind their own business.
Q16 What do tattoos mean to you? Tattoos are symbols I like to keep close to me that means a lot to me.
Q17 How was your shoot for the magazine? My shoot for the magazine went great.
Q18 Who do your tattoos? A Williams does my tattoos.
Q19 What is your dream tattoo? A dolphin with a ball.
Q20 What tattoo artist would you like to work with next? I will keep my same tattoo artist because he is not heavy-handed, and I don’t trust others doing tattoos but am willing to collab and

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