YG-Pop It, Shake It feat. DJ Mustard

YG, the West Coast rap artist, returns with a new club anthem: Pop It, Shake It, featuring DJ Mustard. The music video unfolds in Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. It shows the island’s tradition and pulsating energy.

The beat drops, and you know it’s DJ Mustard. That unmistakable West Coast sound, bass, funky, and irresistible.

As the camera pans, we glimpse the Carnival heritage: impressive costumes, feathers, and beads. The streets come alive with revelers, their bodies moving to the rhythm of life.

Renaldo Creative
Renaldo Creative

DJ Renaldo Creative is an Journalist, Open Format American DJ, Music Producer, remixer, and creator. Program Director at Inspir3 Radio, Inspir3 Dance Radio, and Inspir3 Talk Radio.

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