Dream Angel is a group of beautiful models from all over the globe. They represent a refreshing blend of glamour and down-to-earth charm, embracing traditional glamour culture. These ladies are recognized for their beauty and passion for hobbies like comic books, video games, and cosplay.

They stand out by effortlessly combining the allure of the classic \”girl next door\” with a shared enthusiasm for modeling. They may frequently engage in activities related to comic book conventions, video game launches, and cosplay events, showcasing a diverse range of interests that go beyond the typical glamour model or celebrity persona.

These ladies might be seen attending gaming events, participating in cosplay competitions, and openly expressing their love for various fandoms. Their social media presence could feature a mix of glamorous photoshoots and candid moments where they enthusiastically share their favorite comic book characters, video games, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their geeky pursuits.

The ladies, with their approachable and relatable personalities, aim to break stereotypes and celebrate the diversity of interests within the world of glamour and celebrity culture. This group not only embraces their glamorous side but also invites fans to connect with them online and via the magazine.


To provide a censorship-free creative platform for aspiring and established models and artists, to tell stories from all over the world via our media. 

The Magazine is a print, and digital glamour magazine featuring beautiful models worldwide. Each issue features full-color pages, uncensored high-quality pictorials, and intimate uncut interviews. Plus Games, Cosplay, Fashion, Music, and more.

Anyone in the world to purchase Print and Digital Magazines.


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