• Include your name and info about yourself
  • No blurred or hidden face
  • Professional photos only
  • Every submission needs to consist of 3000x2000px 8×10 or larger Resolution
  • Submissions that also have a behind-the-scenes video) will receive priority on publication and a chance at the cover. 


  • How do I get the cover? Submit amazing images, and we recommend you join
  • May I do implied nude? Yes.
  • Do people still read magazines? Yes, Magazines and books are still popular. But people only buy what they are interested in reading. Our magazine now includes puzzles, games, and more.
  • May I shoot with my friend or girlfriend? Yes, we allow multiple female models.
  • May I wear shirts and clothing with logos? Yes, we can remove the logo. But you may wear clothing lines that sponsor you in your photoshoot.
  • How many times can I submit it? You can submit anytime, and we publish models multiple times.
  • May I wear sunglasses? Yes.
  • May I wear a mask in my submission? Yes.
  • May I be creative with my shoots? Yes, please do.
  • May I do cosplay? Yes, Our readers love cosplay.